Pros of Oak Veneer Doors 

First, let’s run through our top three advantages of oak veneer in comparison with solid oak:

  • Affordability: Veneer provides high-quality looks, but without the need for large amounts of expensive wood, the result is more affordable.
  • Greater detail: Intricate designs can be etched into veneer. This means you have a wider choice when it comes to customising the appearance of your door.
  • Seasonal durability: Oak veneer isn’t prone to splits along the grain, which can be caused by changes in climate. And with the unpredictable British weather, that can be a huge blessing!


Pros of Solid Oak Doors 

Solid oak has numerous plus points too – here’s what you need to know:

  • Quality: If you want the cream of the crop, there’s no replacement for solid oak doors. There’s simply no mistaking their hefty weight and the beautiful high-quality wood grain finish.
  • Difficulty of repair: What happens if you scratch or dent your door? Solid oak can be sanded and re-treated if any scratches or knocks occur. With oak veneer this can be a problem as the wood beneath cannot be exposed.
  • Aestheticism. Veneer does a fantastic job of looking like real oak. But, if you truly want a beautifully elegant finish, there’s simply no substitute for solid oak.
  • Energy efficiency. When it comes to home efficiency, solid oak edges it over oak veneer. It is less permeable to cold and damp, meaning over time it can save you money on your energy bills.