What fitted wardrobes do I need?

Start by thinking about your how you use your bedroom and what you want from the furniture in it. You’ll need to consider: the size and shape of your room; what you want to store and how often you’ll want to access it; how you use the room. For example, a spare bedroom that doubles up as an office may benefit from a fitted desk and filing cabinets as well as wardrobes. Next, consider what type of wardrobes you’d like. This mainly comes down to style, but can also affect usability.

Sliding wardrobes
As the name implies, these have sliding doors as opposed to hinged ones that open out. There are lots of different options for sliding wardrobes, including the number and width of doors. They come in a number of different styles and finishes, from mirrored glass to more traditional wood. The benefit of sliding wardrobe doors is that the doors take up less space. They’re a good option if there’s going to be a snug fit between the wardrobes and the bed.

Mirrored wardrobes
Both hinged and sliding wardrobes come with mirrored options. Doors can be totally or partially mirrored, and you can have all of the doors done in the same way, or just a few. The full-length mirrors can be great for bringing light into the room, but bear in mind that they can be tricky to keep clean – dust and fingerprints will show up more than on a normal door. One option is to have mirrors incorporated inside your wardrobe doors. They could be hung on the back of the doors, integrated as pull-out panels or tucked at the back of a section. If you’ll be using them to check your outfit in the morning, make sure they’ve got plenty of light.

Walk-in wardrobes
If you have the space, a walk-in wardrobe can make it easier to keep your bedroom tidy and clutter free. These can include the same storage solutions as any other fitted wardrobes and can have internal doors or open shelving. There are ways to make a walk-in-style wardrobe work if you have a smaller space. A smaller scale version can make a nice feature of a recess or nook.

Fitted wardrobes for small bedrooms and sloping ceilings
If your bedroom is an awkward shape, a fitted wardrobe is a good way to get the best out of its dimensions. Having a wardrobe that’s truly bespoke means it can be cut around sloping ceilings